SKIA-Graduate Studies conducts Seminar on Thesis Writing

SKIA-Graduate Studies conducts Seminar on Thesis Writing

To enhance the writing skills of the SKIA-Researchers, SKIA-Graduate Studies conducted the seminar on thesis writing with the theme “Write To Unfold; Right To Upgrade.” on Saturday, October 9, 2021 at SKIA Founders’ Hall.

On his opening remarks, Sandiali U. Kamlon, one of the professors, asserted that one has to upgrade himself to cope with the changing world and to write effectively to unfold things necessary for social improvement.

The first lecturer, Dr. Bong B. Lumabao, the Founder and CEO of ILMO Inc. discussed the “Crafting Research Title and Introduction Based on Current Trends and Issues” wherein he emphasized the roles of research in education as well as the guidelines and strategies in writing an effective research title and introduction. This was followed by the presentation and discussion of proposed research titles of the participants.

The second lecturer, Sandiali U. Kamlon, MAELT, MAED discussed the “Research Methodology” wherein he highlighted the different research designs and emphasized the significance of research methodology alignment with the research problems.

The third lecturer, Abdullah D. Balayanan, MAEd, MAPD, the Acting Dean of the Graduate Studies, discussed the “Policy and Academic Research” wherein he stressed on their differences. Atty. Datu Michael O. Mastura, the President and Founder of the school, also discussed the “SKIA-Thesis Format” wherein the participants were enlightened on the specific guidelines and template of SKIA-Graduate Studies.

Lastly, Dr. Abdulsamad S. Shaik, Program Head of Education- CSU Graduate Studies, discussed the “Roles of Review of Related Literature” wherein he pointed up the guidelines in writing publishable RRL.

The participants were thankful for this can help them in their thesis writing. The program concluded with awarding of certificates for the active participants who completed it.

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