Strategic Vision

Our vision is to become Mindanao’s leading government-recognized Islamic Institution of learning and accredited institution of higher education.

When the Sultan Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat Islamic Academy Foundation, Inc. convened its constituencies for consultation (shura), we discovered that this institution is still aligned with the aspirations and values of our founders. We continue striving to eliminate barriers to intellectual boundaries that inhibit the growth of new ideas.

We are committed to face challenges of the 21st Century. We take this opportunity to transform ourselves locally and our lives globally into competent learners and exemplary leaders of the next generation.

Mission and Goal

“Iqra Bismi Rabbika” is our institutional motto. It is at the heart if our mission and the reason for our existence.

Student lifelong learning is a prime focus or our mission articulated collaboratively. And it is aligned to standards across content areas in theK-12 curriculum.

Teaching is a fundamental purpose of our institution both at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

As a community of scholars, we pursue scholarship rigorously to stretch the impact of research on what drives our goal and actions in the service of the life of the nation and the ummah.

Valuing and Core Values

Transformation in people can influence our campus, our students, faculty and staff in a particular way of achieving success, based on a clear set of values. At our foundation college, we value creative expression and intellectual discourse base on islamic scholarly tradition.

We need to be clear about our core values to work together, to transform lives, and to shape a better future. We believe in a mobilize efforts towards:

             Integrity             (I)                 consistent standards, actions and outcomes
             Service              (s)                quality educational service and extension work
             Leadership        (L)                namesake of SK courage, sagacity and excellence
             Adaptability       (A)                cope up with 21st century challenges and changes
             Morality             (M)               commitment to virtues and intellectual traditions

Valuing people means to stimulate communication and connectivity among our diverse communities as well as informed citizens. At the same time, we value the unique geography, history, and culture of Mindanao that shape our identity.

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