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The Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy (SKIA/skia), formally Sultan Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat Islamic Foundation, Inc., is a private four-year college. Its logotype signature is "SKIA Foundation College". Originally founded as a madrasah kulliyah, SKIA started as a traditional school referring to a group of religious teachers and the pedagogical drills they applied, rather than the buildings they used.

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OSS Head Chaired Slogan-Making

OSS Head Chaired Slogan-Making The Office on Students Services headed by Mr. Nasser A. Matilendo, LPT served as the chairman in …


Posted on September 7, 2020

Transitioning Impacts to Learning Continuum 

Dear Enrolled Students and Parents,

I surely brace for SKIA School Opening ready for a larger return of Islamic academy personnel, or for campus-wide socialization and physical separation that could include: temperature check and safe cleaning practices.

During SKIA’s First Year Student Orientation, individual participants were asked to be self-observant for coronavirus symptoms. Carefully track your health:

In case you “feel feverish or develop cough or shortness of breath,” stay home until cleared by a medical practitioner to return to school.

This change of perspective comes with transitioning impacts and roles. Community of learners in our Islamic academy is about to embark into use of learning modules in print or digital format. By this, computer applications are accessed USB, suggested platforms, tablet device or smartphones in lieu of traditional face-to-face delivery modality.

  • Are we now on the right track to meet progressive changes or “transitioning impacts to the learning continuum”? Community matters in every relationship at the Islamic academy that we make with parents, teachers, staff, and classmates in all K-12 grade levels.
  • Are we then to select instructional methods that set the context “where learners and teachers are geographically remote” from each other during instruction session? Alternate-weekly schedules and assessments of learners that we design at the Islamic academy gear up facilitating tips for learning modules of K-12 enrolled students.
  • Are we all aware that imposed quarantine protocols bring uncertainties lingering after modifications to enhanced community lockdowns? Continuity in delivering instructions makes for compelling duty to enrich “the most essential learning competencies” during this time of COVID-19 outbreaks.

Principals and teachers at SKIA senior high school and junior high school as well as elementary annex stand ready to engage parents and guardians in a dialogue process. Collaborative role in home-based modular approach is not novel to distance learning platforms, but this type of structure adaptable to “hybrid” innovative practices synchronously blends with classroom F-2-F interactions.

And whatever attracted you to open the SKIA official website I invite you to follow issues and events in this webpage again.

For the President and CEO

By: Datu Ismael V. Mastura
Vice President for Finance and Administration

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