Student Life

Check your Calendar. Know what’s happening at SKIA College & Academy Co-Location Campus.

The Office of Student Services at SKIA College & Academy is responsible for support of students outside the classroom experience principally Ta’aruf for New Student Orientation, Commencement and other programs and services in between.

Governing organizations such as Student Body Organization (SBO) provide students at SKIA an opportunity to be elected to leadership positions to represent the student body and effect changes in campus policies. From leadership to personal development a variety of campus events balanced between athletics & intramural sports complement classroom learning that draw the student body into co-location campus life and an opportunity to pursue special interests.

Student Body Organization

SKIA envisions a co-location campus that nurtures and develops whole person while educating our students to be moral, ethical, and caring leaders. An array of co-curricular activities are hosted by the student body government, student-run clubs and organizations, cultural festivals & recreation, athletics and community service approved for funding.

Many of these programs are coordinated through officers of their organizations, participating faculty committees, and professional staff.

  • Ta’aruf (Orientation Week)
  • Ushrah (Monthly Group Discussion)
  • Wellness (Health & Safety)
  • Convocation (Quarterly Assessment)
  • Annual Athletic & Intramural Sports Event
  • Annual Leaders Turn-Over Ceremony
  • Year-end Commencement Exercises

Residential Life

SKIA is not a residential campus but housing is offered for faulty members and a number of students across campus. Collaborative and co-curricular residential environment demonstrates a community of scholars engaged in individual and social responsibility to practice civil communication skills in various contexts. The area coordinator who lives in the housing is responsible for assignment of rooms. Kitchen and laundry are located on the ground floor.

The In-Service Training

SKIA participates in the Department of Education and the Private Education Assistance Committee (PEAC) ReTEACH program. Professional staff at SKIA regularly conducts the Semester Break In-Service Training (INSET) and the Summer In-Service Training (INSET) to re-echo to its faculty members.

Welcome to the First-Year Experience Program (FYE)

This program focuses on first-year students and their transitions from junior high school to senior high school and towards pre-college. Emphasis is on two main areas:

  • FYE Seminars
  • FYE Peer Mentor Program

The FYE Program helps students to establish habits of mind to meet the rigors of academic transition along with patterns of decision-making that will ensure achieving success. Our learning environment and campus culture support your social transitions through Learning Strategies such as study skills, time management, wellness, diversity, sustainability and the communication skills valued by employers. The main components are:

  • New Student Orientation (Ta’aruf)
  • Advising, and Registration (SOAR)
  • Common Reading Experience at Speech Lab: (CRE and SRA)
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