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Phased-Return to SKIA Campus

September 7, 2020 Lawyer Michael O. Mastura, SKIA President and CEO, warmly welcomed the return to its beautiful campus with alternative start days for Academic Year 2020-2021.

“Adjustment to class sizes for in-person instruction is expected,” said Datu Mastura, “when collegial semester enters into a blended learning curriculum.”

SKIA Back to School Plan was slated to begin on August 24, 2020 which has moved into phased-return to campus operation. The faculty and staff will be paid as usual and enrolled students will continue to receive their stipends depending on releases of educational subsidies.

The administrators made this “phased-return to campus” decision compliant with guidelines from the CHED, and the DepEd as well as issuances from the Ministry of Education-BARMM, with minimum health protocols:

(1) Face covering
(2) Physical distancing
(3) Hygiene and hand washing.

Atty. Mastura appealed to the faculty, students, staff and parents to observe physical distancing as a protective practice for SKIA’s commuter campus community.

“gathering limits of fewer than 10 people”

He issued the following directives:

  • You will maintain social distancing for personal safety. This means keeping “a safe distance of two arms length” from persons who are not members of your household. Quick response to risk reduction begins at home, so when you leave your house wear a cloth face covering.
  • You will likely expect a number of changes to reduce risk of exposure of college students and visitors due to the coronavirus unprecedented situation. Common concerns while staying on campus are related to “gathering limits of fewer than 10 people” in any occasion.
  • You will moreover space out in classrooms and other environmental commons located in buildings. For the most part the newly renovated SKIA Auditorium holds adequate facilities and bleachers to observe physically distancing, plus outdoor benches to hang out into open field spaces.

This school year, the Islamic Academy’s founding anniversary in September will forego Intramurals amidst COVID-19 outbreaks.

“Cancellation of athletics vets physical fitness more for inward psychosocial wellness, mental health and safety of students, faculty and staff,” said Senior High School Principal Edris B. Mastura.

With much regrets, according to Associate Dean Dr. Amier R. Abdulmaguid,  “SKIA College cannot give back to the campus community our annual colorful cultural events.”

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