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SKIA Conducted The Fire and Earthquake Drill

SKIA conducted The Fire and Earthquake Drill last July 23, 2019, for the preparedness of the students in life. It was attained by the Vice President for Finance and Administration, Datu Ismael V. Mastura Al-hajj. He also states that preparation in life is a better key than to regret something sooner or later.

Al- Thanks to the total of the sixty one visitors namely Kadir K. Blaim-Earthquake drill lecturer, FINSP Suharto M. Pagayao-Fire drill lecturer, LTCOL Jorge T. Garcia PN(M), 1LT Junrhy T.  Limbaga, Charlyn A. Jamero, Engr. Abdul Nazer K. Ugokan, Engr. Al-Mohammed Z. Aron along with the Barangay Emergency Response Team (BERT), Community Fire Auxiliary group (CFAG) and the Barangay Peacekeeping Action Team (BPAT),  the students, administrators, faculty and staff all learned the valuable lesson on how to prepare when one of these situations will actually happen in real life.

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