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Halaqat 2023 Celebrated By College Graduating Students

June 15, 2023, Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy Foundation College – A total of 199 graduating students attended the Graduation Halaqat and Thanksgiving 2023 last June 15, 2023 held at the Academy’s auditorium with the theme, “Thanksgiving: Signifies Satisfaction and Happiness for Allah’s Blessings.” Present also during the program were the faculty members, administrative staff and school officials.

The program started with Qur’anic reading by Sir Fahad K. Ebrahim, college faculty member. It was followed by opening and welcome address by the Dean of the Faculty, Sir Abdul Aziz B. Basag. In his speech, Sir Basag emphasized the importance of manners, good behavior, and values that a person possess not only as professional but also as an individual.

During the program Ms. Baimon M. Nhur, a graduating student gave a tribute message in behalf of her batch mates. In her message, she acknowledged and thanked those individuals and groups who in one way or another become a part of their journey as college students. It was followed by the response message of President and CEO, Atty. Datu Michael O. Mastura. His message focused on millennials and generation Z, people with ego, and modern education. He also included in his message Tarbiya al-islamiya in Islamic perspective. He concluded his message by encouraging and advising the students about the real life.

The guest speaker during the program was Alshiekh Jamil G. Tugaya, member of the Faculty of Education from Al-Azhar University, Cairo, Egypt. In his message, he talked about showing gratitude for Allah’s blessings. He said, showing gratitude to Allah S.W.T is one the signs of a person with a strong imaan (faith).

“We should always be grateful to the Almighty Allah for all blessings we received no matter how small these might be,” he added.

The celebration concluded with walimah/kanduli.

Halaqat is an annual activity for the graduating students as an expression of gratitude to the Almighty for the blessing He has bestowed upon the institution. 

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