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Time Capsule Kick-Off for the Next Decades

BARMM, September 2, 2022. As part of SKIA College’s 31st Anniversary event, Orientation Week called Ta’aruf kicked off the season with multiple dates in lieu of Annual Intramural games.

The Student body organization (SBO) has announced: “We intend to purchase a time capsule to bury underground a number of items in the next decades. Once SBO has chosen a location, or when placed in clear case for safekeeping, such as in the Founder’s Hall or the library, we can mark the site with a plaque.”  

The trend has set a pattern to encourage students, faculty and staff come up with ideas or proposals that would lay groundwork to celebrate the Golden SKIANVERSARY—when in 1991 this new academic institution first opened for classes 50 years ago.  

“A plan to gather memories and mementos to encapsulate what defines Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy is in the works,” the organizers further explained.  

According to SBO, of great interest is what has an “emotional tug” or what to expect: “excite curiosity” half-a-century hence. Artefacts to round up include important documents, such as In-Service Training module or Commencement program, back issues of Souvenir Yearbook, posters or annual publications and more.

SKIA president Michael O. Mastura asked SBO to learn about creating timelines. “There’s always a new construction in our Co-Location campuses. That is why a current map of what SKIA looks today must find its way into the time capsule to contrast with the next decades,” he pointed out.

Significantly “Our Memories in the Making” theme of the 31st founding day created such an important milestone towards documentation of student community engagement with unique experience of lockdowns amidst the pandemic crisis like no other.

September 12: To stay up to date with COVID-19 vaccines, Bulalo Barangay Health Center frontline nurses helped to complete the primary series for SKIA faculty members, staff and students. SBO hosted school Health Check Day to respond to mental health issues, with Dr. Marcelito Caragay of the Cotabato Sanitarium as guest expert.

September 19: A special initiative for National ID Registration On-Campus was conducted.  “All we ask is a safe area with good electricity connection for the registration that is accessible for the student-clients,” said Mokendi Calid, Chief Statistical Specialist at Maguindanao Office-Philippine Statistics Authority. 

Dean of Student Affairs Abdulkadir Mangelen lauded the school-to-school approach to establish a single identification system. “Authentication of student identity and confidentiality of record is critical school policy,” he said. Adding biometric scanning fingerprints, iris scanning and front-face photograph capturing can facilitate efficiently E-service driven and In-person student support services.

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