You are currently viewing SKIA Official Statement on Opening Face-to-Face Classes SY 2022-2023

SKIA Official Statement on Opening Face-to-Face Classes SY 2022-2023

Sultan Kudarat Islamic Academy
Foundation College
Bulalo, Sultan Kudarat, Maguindanao, BARMM

 August 22, 2022 is the official start of the school year that ends on July 7, 2023. General considerations for health and safety on campus have pivoted school plans for mandatory Face-to-Face Classes Opening which is set on November 2, 2022.

Students will return to In-Person Classrooms with open doors and open windows for ventilation. They are asked to mask up since the Department of Education authorized commingling unvaccinated and vaccinated learners.

Our efforts are geared toward retaining our current students and increasing new in-person classes, if possible with operations option: for events, athletics and more on co-location campus at all levels.

Unvaccinated students, staff and faculty are encouraged to get the vaccine to ensure the safest possible educational environment and workplace necessary for that campus operation as we prepare gradually to get back to normal.

SKIA community of learners collectively support both DepEd and CHED initiatives in collaboration with parents, stakeholders and administrative leadership.

In accordance with the Calendar of Activities for SY 2022-2023, classes are immediately suspended during observances of regular and special national holidays, local holidays declared by law or presidential proclamation, which includes Islamic holidays as well as institutional day celebrations.

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