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SKIA Creates Semester Lab for Entrepreneurship

March 11, Maguindanao del Norte. The SKIA College Administration announced to create a “Semester Lab for Entrepreneurship” as integral part of SKIA campus experience.

The lab resulted from the commitment of lawyer Ishak V.  Mastura who became a new member of Bangsamoro Transition Authority (BTA) and has pledged to sponsor SKIA’s Lab for Entrepreneurship.

“We supported the evolution of business training program which the school initiated when I was then Secretary of the Department of Trade (DTI) under the defunct ARMM,” MP Mastura explained.

Sustaining that role the former Chairman of Board of Investment (BOI) in BARMM went on to say:

“. . .  To ignite enterprising spirit, the inaugural launch will roll out this semester, and the participants will earn a certificate upon completion. . . My office is eager to engage with all the staff, faculty, and students or alums to help the lab develop into a unique type of ‘entrepreneurship ecosystem’ that will interact with industry-specific experiential needs of students.”  Ishak Mastura

Students at Grade 11 and Grade 12 Level will have opportunities this semester to learn about innovation, understand better and apply the principles of entrepreneurship. As part of identity formation, the entrepreneurial awareness explores step-by-step the process of starting an enterprise, taking risks or taking options to innovate.

The two-day Lab Entrepreneurship Program focused on: Training on Basic Entrepreneurship Development Course (BEDC); Business Expense Savings Technique (BEST GAME; and Consumer Education.

The workshop was conducted by Catalina Icalina, Head of Negosyo Center, Ministry of Trade, Investment, and Tourism (MTIT) assisted by Abdullah M. Sumael and Lorna Mohammad.

Staff from the Office of Member of Parliament Atty. Ishak V. Mastura included: Majadiya Biruar-Mastura, Sarah Mamadra, Mary Ann Taruyan-Amir, Princess Fairuz Mastura-Ali, Noreen Biruar, Naima Ayob, Jusol Asiquin Mastura and Abdulaziz Akbar.

Dean of the Faculty Abdulaziz Bandar Basag welcomed the Staff and Participants. To have a bigger impact, the project leader Dean of Student Affairs Abdulkadir Mangelen will take a holistic look at the ABM-STEM co-curricular contents for the next batch of trainees. A pre-pandemic entrepreneurship workshop in July 2020 had been undertaken under a separate MOA with Plan International Inc. to help Out-Of-School Youth (OSY).

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