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Observance of Heritage Months at SKIA

Cotabato City – November 30 and December 30 are observed as Bonifacio Day and as Rizal Day, respectively. Sultan Kudarat is commemorated every January 13 as heritage day, All three national heroes day must now be observed as national heritage months.

The landmark Peace Monument to Sultan Kudarat was unveiled on November 15, 1973 at the Ayala Triangle in Makati City. Above is a monumental aspect of enduring legacy that continues to link the Philippines united to common ideals and heroic deeds  – many of which embody intangible cultural heritage that Sultan Muhammad Dipatuan Kudarat and Andres Bonifacio fought for as well as Jose Rizal stood and died for a little over century ago. Erected since then another monument site is found in the province of Mindanao named after Sultan Kudarat and the other site is in Cotabato City, set at the foot of the Kuta Wato (Stone Fort) where Sultan Kudarat once ruled the Magindanao powerful sultanate.

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